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Monthly Unlimited Washes!!!

Our Desert Suds Car Wash & Detail EXCLUSIVE subscription services will now save you monthly on your favorite local car wash!

Here's how it works: Pick your package! Each package from Basic to The Works, is available on a monthly subscription for the same price each month! Wash as much or as little as you'd like to maintain your preferred level of clean, and save money while you do it!

Stop on by the wash with your vehicle, speak to our Cashier, and we'll get you signed up day 1 so you can begin to take advantage of the savings immediately! You'll pay your first full month on the day you enroll in our Suds Club Plans.

Disclaimer: All subscription services must be purchased with a debit or credit card. The card of your choosing will be automatically recharged each month on your monthly anniversary for the full price of your Suds Club plan plus applicable taxes or fees! That's it! Easy Peasy!

Cancel anytime, no long term commitment required. Any Club Plans that are cancelled will still have access to their membership savings until the subscription expires on their monthly anniversary date. Limit 1 wash per day. Buy 10 get the 11th Wash Free Promo is not available to Suds Club Plan Members. At this time, No Multi-Car, Military, or Senior discounts will be available due to the steep savings already available in our Suds Club. Multiple Suds Club plans can be reserved in one household under the same debit or credit card information. We take your financial privacy and security seriously and do not store, file, save, or share any of your personal financial information.


Please call the wash with any questions! 575-443-1800!



Why you should choose our
full-service car wash!

Full-Service Car Washes provide services in addition to the exterior wash, above and beyond that of an express tunnel or self-service car wash. At Desert Suds, we treat you and your vehicle like welcome guests, not customers down an assembly line or quarters in a machine.

Services Provided: In a full-service car wash, trained professionals handle the entire cleaning process for your vehicle. This typically includes exterior washing, interior vacuuming, window cleaning, interior wiping, and sometimes additional services like fragrance, tire dressing, and pet hair removal. These services can address every day dust, dirt, crumbs, and road grime!

A full-service car wash is not a detail, but it's clean. For a more rejuvenated and restored vehicle inside and out, a professional detail is also an option at Desert Suds with our Detail Manager, Eric Candelaria. Professional detailing can really address those tough stains, ground in dirt, scratches and swirls, and foul odors that may accumulate over time.

Convenience: Full-service car washes offer convenience as you simply need to drive your vehicle to the car wash, hand over the keys, and let the professionals take care of the rest. Our goal is to take the chore of routine car cleaning off your hands! This frees up time for you to relax in our customer lounge, read a book, send emails, or just have a nice cup of complimentary coffee while our trained team pampers your ride for you.

If you'd prefer, you're even welcome to leave your vehicle with us and we'll call you when it's ready! Most vehicles that use our larger wash packages are completed in about an hour, just like an oil change!

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